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THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA: Sketches, Mockups & Graphics
At left are a black and white pencil sketch of a possible Miranda office, and below that a color version of the same office. We ended up not doing a rounded corner to the office...partly a cost factor and partly aesthetic.

Notice that in the color sketch Miranda Priestly looks a lot like Anna Wintour. At that point we didn't know what they were planning on doing with Meryl Streep's look...hair, makeup, dress, etc. Everyone assumed that there would be a resemblance to Ms. Wintour.

Below is a photo of Anna Wintour in her Vogue office. We wanted to approximate the look and feel of her real office in the set.

At the bottom of the page are two photos of the Priestly office set I took the day before filming was to start. At this point Jess and the decorator Lydia Marks had the sets totally finished and ready for a final walkthrough before the crew came in and tore it apart.
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