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FEBRUARY - 2012:

2011 was an odd year...several films were in jeopardy of shutting down due to budget issues. One of the films did indeed seem to get the axe. It was the Ron Howard adaptation of Stephen King's novel THE DARK TOWER: THE GUNSLINGER. And I was on it. Oh well...

In the fall of 2011 I worked on a great film which is scheduled to be released next year. EUROPA is the story of a trip to Jupiter's moon Europa, to search for life in the oceans that are believed to exist there. There is now an intriguing website for the film which you should check out.

I finished working on the new Coen Brothers film INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS early this month, and moved immediately to work on SMURFS 2.

If you want to see a sampling of my work please check out the SLIDESHOW PORTFOLIO. It's a quick overview of the work I've been doing.