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Another dead end. This was a show which was being developed by a couple of people working at Sesame Workshop. It was a children's show meant to teach math concepts to young children through the use of clever animation, games and comedy. The show revolved around a young man named Ned who loves math and lives in a house that is all about numbers. Above are a couple of sketches of Ned's house.One of the fun things about these projects is that I get to work with very interesting people and design outrageous things that will never happen.
We ended up with this house. The two writers were really intrigued by the weird world that Tim Burton created in Edward Scissorhands. They thought that Ned's neighborhood should have some of that quality. And Ned's house would be especially weird within that neighborhood.

We were closing in on a neat house here. The house would be full of numbers and geometry. There would be big, monolithic hedges in the back yard, and all kinds of games and puzzles everywhere.
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