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PILOTS: Traveler
I was the Art Director for the pilot episode of the short-lived TV show TRAVELER. It was the story of three college friends who take a field trip to New York City... one last fling before Grad School. They decide to go to the Drexler Museum (New York Public Library) and skateboard from the top floor to the bottom as a prank.

The three friends start at the top of the building, but only two of them get to the first floor. As they exit, one gets a cell phone call from the third friend (Will Traveler) who says that he's sorry and goodbye. Just then there is a massive explosion in the library which blows out the windows.

The two remaining friends become immediate suspects, and they discover that their friend Will doesn't officially exist. The pilot ends with the boys escaping from New York in a search for their friend and for an explanation.
A large part of the job was the dressing of the NYPL with exterior banners and signage, as well as creating the Drexler Museum inside. At left and below are photos of the exterior banner hanging in front of the library, and part of the dressing we installed inside the main lobby.
TRAVELERProduced by The Jinks/Cohen Company for ABC Television
Directed by: David Nutter
Production Design by: Scott Murphy
©2011 Gregory Hill
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