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I had been designing the Christmas show for the Indianapolis Symphony for a few years, and when the BSO decided to do their own fully produced holiday show, they contacted me about designing it.
This is a photo of the Meyerhoff Concert Hall where the Baltimore Symphony performs. So, we had to turn this into a theatre....
This is the finished set. If you scroll over the image you'll see a view of the auditorium from the same spot without the set. This was a very interesting project. The BSO contacted me in 2005 when they wanted to begin doing the Christmas shows. I couldn't work with them, so they had a local designer do a set which got them through the first year.

I was able to redesign the show for 2006, and I incorporated as much of the first set as I could. The set at left is my 2006 design. The holdovers from 2005 are the white contour curtain (behind the red drapery) and the basic orchestra platforming.

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