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BACKDROP DESIGN: Grosh Scenic Rentals
Interestingly enough I was looking for more generic backdrop design work, and was doing some hunting on the internet for other companies. The only other rental company that appeared to have decent drops and be reliable was Grosh Scenic Rentals in Hollywood. I contacted them and they asked me to start designing drops for them.

I was most interested in Grosh because, unlike Kenmark, Grosh was beginning to have their drops digitally printed. The technology has improved dramatically, and we can now design and print backdrops on muslin, canvas, or many other materials more cheaply than having them painted. And the final result doesn't depend on the talents of scenic artists.

Over several years I designed many drops for Grosh. I never saw one of the finished drops printed full size, but I understand they looked really good.

The downside is that the design has to be complete. No more backdrops designed on napkins. I had to create the designs at extremely high resolutions, so each drop could easily be a file of 500 to 700mb.

Where Kenmark wanted me to design whole show packages, Grosh wanted me to design one of a kind drops that could be rented for corporate events, dance concerts, etc.

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